Alameda knows Tucker’s best for it’s famous supercreamed ice cream, but we also have a master pastry chef on our staff,  Chef Henry, whose dessert creations are some of the finest in the Bay Area. With cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, you’ll never go back to the supermarket bakery again!

Chocolate cake, red velvet cake, white cake, lemon cake, devil’s food or any special flavor you would like for your celebration. Always ask what’s new because we are continually creating new flavors and experiences for your delight!

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Cakes

Our customers with unique dietary requirements are our greatest supporters! They tell us there’s no other place around that makes delicious cakes that meet their needs. There’s no reason to give up the delicious flavor you expect from your dessert, just call us for a special order made just for you!

Alameda Cakes Bakery

The Master At Work! Pastry Chef Henry putting the finishing touches on his latest creation.

Signature Cakes

Our scrumptious selection of signature cakes are as varied as they are delicious, there’s definitely something for all tastes!

Grand Chocolate Mousse
 A dark chocolate cake with layers of rich chocolate mousse that speak to indulgence for the real chocolate lovers, finished with a freshly whipped cream.

Strawberry or Raspberry Chiffon
Airy chiffon cake with delicious layers of local or seasonally imported berries, lightly sweetened and folded into delicious whipped cream filling and finished with a fluffy whipped cream frosting.

Cappuccino Crunch
Rich espresso chiffon cake with a coffee, heath bar crunch filling and finished with a robust coffee frosting.

Carrot Cake
Fresh carrots make this a delightfully moist cake with a hint of cinnamon and lots of fresh walnuts. The layers are separated with rich cream cheese filling and a smooth butter cream frosting finishes the cake.

Red Velvet Cake
An original recipe reflecting its origins in the deep south, a dense chocolate flavor with rich red color between layers of butter cream. Striking and beautiful, this full flavored cake will create a sensation.

Chocolate ‘n’ Caramel Cheesecake
Full flavored cheesecake with a rich swirl of chocolate and caramel. For those wishing a fruit flavoring we add a fruit topping of fresh strawberries or kiwi and raspberries

Poppy Seed Delight
Fresh orange & cranberry flavors with lots of poppy seeds and layered with a Bavarian filling, finished with a whipped cream frosting.

St. Honore’ Cake
A delicious Genoise Cake with Vanilla Bavarian Cream filling finished with whipped Cream and decorated with Profitroles.

Ice Cream Cakes

What kind of an ice cream shop would we be if we didn’t sell ice cream cakes? Our ice cream cakes are perfect for birthdays and other celebrations. A thin cookie base and your favorite Tucker’s ice cream flavors make our super creamed ice cream cakes out of this world.

Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes

The craftsman of confectionery, Chef Henry, is always coming up with new ideas for his cakes. Each one is just about as unique as the last… you dream it, he can make it! Make sure you see the gallery for images of his stunning creations.