The Fountain

At Tucker’s, we’re about much more than ice cream!


Your favorite ice cream in milkshakes and malts made to order in those old-fashioned big cans . poured into your glass with plenty left over to enjoy or share. For those on the run we can make yours “to go”! For the coffee lover try an espresso milkshake with the ice cream of your choice.


Floats are big and delicious, with your favorite ice cream and soda. Ever tried a coffee float? We do decadent latte and mocha floats as well. All with our signature Supercreamed ice cream!


Sundaes begin with your favorite ice cream flavor topped with strawberry, marshmallow, butterscotch, pineapple or chocolate. Hot Fudge or hot caramel sundaes too. Try our waffle bowl and make your sundae a special treat!  The Granddaddy is a four scoop sundae which is perfect for sharing. Your sundae can be one scoop, two scoops, three scoops even four scoops and more.  There’s even a TWELVE SCOOP sundae! One bowl and everyone gets a spoon . . . what a party!

Tucker's Ice Cream Sundae

The Fudge Anna – two scoops of your favorite ice cream and a whole banana slice into bite size pieces covered with warm, delicious fudge, a mound of whipped cream and topped with nuts and a cherry!

Ooh the Banana Split…  A three scoop sundae splitting a whole banana with a choice of up to three toppings and lots of whipped cream, nuts and cherries. The combinations of the fresh fruit and the supercreamed ice cream are out of this world!

Fresh Yogurt

Tart vanilla yogurt custom blended with your favorite fruit to create a refreshing, elegant flavor. Delicious and healthful, a fresh yogurt with a delightful flavor as a scoop in a bowl or waffle and we can make a smoothie too.

Tuckers Ice Cream Home Made Fudge

Delicious Home Made Fudge

Novelty Treats

Novelty ice cream treats are a tradition at Tucker’s!

  • Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate or dipped in chocolate with almonds!
  • Marshall Tucker’s creation – Tommy Tucker Cones, vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone and dipped in chocolate
  • Cho Cho’s! Supercreamed chocolate malt ice cream in a cup with a stick!
  • Ice cream sandwiches custom made right on the spot!
Tucker's Chocolate Sauce

Our very own creamy and rich chocolate sauce

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can me made up for any amount.  The round wood tokens are for a “Single Scoop” and will put a smile on every friends face!